The Evolution of Video Conferencing

Once in a while, there usually comes a piece of technology that brings untold changes to at least one aspect of life. In recent years, the way in which we communicate has changed significantly – instant messaging, social media and video messaging have all made it easier for us to get in touch with one another, but could video conferencing move it further?

After previous attempts to make video calls possible in the 1970’s and 1980’s had failed due to the limitations of the time, the rapid growth of the internet in the 90’s had enabled the technology needed for video conferencing to become much more sophisticated.
This was good news for businesses in particular, as they found that it was possible to hold meetings with far-flung clients.

Video conferencing today

As internet speeds became faster and technology in general became more sophisticated, video conferencing in the present day is much less problematic than it might have been even a few years ago. They don’t take as long to arrange, can host multiple parties from different locations, and the picture quality is, in most cases, pretty impressive.
Despite all that, the future of video conferencing looks even brighter, with more improvements possibly in the pipeline in terms of picture quality, speed and even portability with different devices like smartphones and tablets.

Three-dimensional future

One possible future innovation in video conferencing could be the use of 3D technology. 3D cinema screens, TVs, games consoles and even smartphones have been made available for consumers and have been pretty successful to date, and would make any video call seem more vivid; especially if visual aids like graphs are involved, but it might not happen straight away.
Video conferencing requires a lot of bandwidth and high internet speed, but 3D pictures might gobble up all the capacity needed to make meetings in 3D work. However, with 3D becoming more widespread, those with the knowhow to make 3D video conferencing happen might be able to make it work in some way.

Straight out of sci-fi

One of the forms which 3D video conferencing could take is in the form of a holograph. How it should work is that an image of someone from one end of the call is projected onto a wall in 3D. This would make it easier than ever for people to get their point across using this communicative tool, and it could be coming out soon.

Industry experts believe that holographic video conferencing could be made available in just a few years’ time, meaning that anyone who feels they’re not getting enough from current video conferencing technology will have something to look forward to. If successful, it could work almost exactly like a normal meeting by not being limited in how you can gesticulate.

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